Put your DevOps on hyper-drive


LEADCOMM is proud to announce our partnership with the exciting appOrbit.

What is appOrbit?

appOrbit is a California based company providing highly interactive, real-time control and management of DevOps processes. appOrbit is also a revolutionary platform to encapsulate and manage both legacy and new micro-services based applications.

What are Containers?

Hear it directly from Dinesh Subhraveti, founder & CTO of appOrbit:

About Dinesh Subhraveti: As a part of his Ph.D. he developed the notion of Operating System level virtualization, which later came to be known in the industry as Containers. Published in OSDI 2002, his work showed for the first time that enterprise applications can be virtualized and live-migrated.

Dinesh applied that research to drive industry's first Container virtualization product for enterprise Linux applications at Meiosys, the company behind LXC (LinuX Containers) that IBM acquired in 2005. He authored over 35 patents and papers in the areas of virtualization, storage and operating systems, and holds a Ph.D. degree in computer science from Columbia University.

The Challenge of Modern Applications

The Digital Enterprise had driven the creation of “As-A-Service” applications built on a complex web of virtual containers, services and cloud environments. These next generation applications increase costs, risk, and resource requirements – creating concern for IT and the Business. appOrbit has many ways to help reduce this time and financial burden.

  • Automate replication of complex As-A-Service Applications and Micro services for virtually any stage or cloud.
  • Lower OpEx by eliminating 90% of manual configurations of Development and Test Labs.
  • Reduce infrastructure costs for database testing and data retention for compliance.
  • Enhance efficiency and frequency of application updates by at least 30%.
  • Drive improved software quality earlier in the app development life cycle with comprehensive shift left testing.

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This is a quick overview of what is contained in the book and a brief overview of the benefits to your business:

  • Automate replication of complex applications
  • Lower OpEx
  • Enhance efficiency
  • Improve software quality
  • Reduce infrastructure costs

Keep in contact with LEADCOMM and appOrbit to receive a free copy of “Containers Beyond the Hype” by appOrbit Founder & CTO Dinesh Subhraveti.